Training the next generation of healthcare professionals

“Baycrest is not just a hospital, it’s a community. The nine months I have spent at Baycrest have provided me with the knowledge, guidance and tools I need to excel in my career. I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented interdisciplinary team who were patient and welcoming. The training I have received at Baycrest is invaluable. It has provided me with the confidence, preparation and experience I need to begin my career. ”

-Abby Andrew, MSW student, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Psychiatric Day Hospital

Each year, more than 1,200 students, trainees and other practitioners from universities and colleges across Canada and around the world come to Baycrest to explore learning opportunities.




Innovative eLearning equips families and caregivers

“After taking the on-line learning module, Team-Based Care for Responsive Behaviours, I am better equipped to respond appropriately to clients with dementia. This practical, realistic approach to training using simulation is of tremendous benefit to healthcare providers and will help improve the quality of life for our seniors.”

                                                        – Baycrest interprofessional team member

The Centre for Education and Baycrest’s Learning Management System teams collaborated to develop Team-Based Care for Responsive Behaviours with support from CC-ABHI.


Dementia Resources from Around the World

“Dementia Resources from Around the World is a carefully curated collection of senior-friendly and peer reviewed websites about dementia, created to help improve patient and caregiver understanding of this condition. While we don’t yet have a cure for dementia, reliable information can provide a lot of hope and help people make informed decisions about their treatment and care options and how to continue to live as well as possible.”

-Dr. David Conn, project lead and Vice President of Education & Director of the Centre for Education & Knowledge Exchange in Aging at Baycrest

Designed for both individuals experiencing symptoms of the disorder and their caregivers, this portal provides resources about dementia risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, strategies to cope with daily life challenges and support. To ensure content is accessible to a broad audience, resources are available in multiple formats, including standard text websites, videos, games and pamphlets, and each website was evaluated with a senior-friendly reading assessment tool.

Learn more by visiting Dementia Resources from Around the World.



Virtual reality simulation fosters empathy

“By using virtual reality simulations as an educational tool, we hope to increase empathy in those who provide care for people with dementia. The VR dementia simulations allow formal and informal caregivers to live the experience of a person with dementia and literally see the world through their eyes.  Our goal is to increase the quality of life and care for both caregivers and persons with dementia.

-Lisa Sokoloff, Manager, Training and Simulation, Centre for Education & Knowledge Exchange in Aging

Virtual Reality Dementia Simulation is funded by CC-ABHI and the CLRI.



Theatre workshops: a powerful educational approach

“Baycrest’s new train-the-trainer applied theatre workshops help build educator capacity in this innovative educational approach. Dealing with interpersonal conflict and power struggles is often challenging, but this arts-based learning approach helps to address power and conflict in a playful and thoughtful way. We see applied theatre as a way to encourage self-awareness and empathy without lecturing or telling.”

– Trish West, Education Co-ordinator at Bethany Lodge Long-Term Care Home, and

– Marybeth Ward, HR Manager, CHRP

Learn more about applied theatre workshops. Watch the video Engaging the Stage: Applied Theatre as Simulation.


An exceptional opportunity to imagine dream career

Marie Nunziata, Talent Manager for Baycrest, talks about the hidden job market and to never say no to an opportunity.

“Last summer, Baycrest’s Youth Council held its first ever Career Day, which gave youth volunteers an opportunity to engage with Baycrest’s staff members, hear about their professional journeys, ask questions and gain insight regarding their roles at Baycrest. I am so thrilled to have been given this time to interact with various staff members and learn about health care as an interdisciplinary field.”

                                                       -Shaira Wignarajah, Baycrest Youth Council Co-President