Message from the Presidents & CEOs Dr. William Reichman…

Welcome to the Baycrest 2016-17 Annual Report.

It was a year of “firsts” for Baycrest as its world-leading research, education and care practices were on full display in 2016-17. Baycrest was named one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. Our scientists published major research breakthroughs in brain health care. We also called on government to advance a National Dementia Strategy and created the first Canadian Brain Health Food Guide for adults…. and much, much more.

We invite you to read about these firsts along with the many notable accomplishments by Baycrest staff, clients, volunteers, clinicians, researchers, donors and our community members-at-large in this latest Annual Report. Together, we continue to advance knowledge in the fields of brain health and aging and use what we learn to create translational, leading-edge care programs, services and innovations that improve life for older adults.

Thank you to our donors and community for the incredible support that has made not only our longevity, but our aspirations for success, a reality.

For nearly a century, Baycrest has added life to years. As we approach our centennial in 2018, we invite you to join us in our continuing mission to promote healthy aging for the next 100 years and beyond.

Josh Cooper
President & CEO,
The Baycrest Foundation
Dr. William Reichman,
President & CEO,
Baycrest Health Sciences

Message from the Chairs Laurence Goldstein and David Kassie

Welcome to the Baycrest 2016-17 Annual Report. Please join us in looking at our year in retrospect; taking stock of our recent successes and looking towards an inspiring future.

It was a year of accomplishments for Baycrest. Once again, our exemplary donor and scientific communities worked together to advance care practices and knowledge of the aging brain, and helped facilitate critical educational outreach to Canadians about brain health.

As well, we continued to expand the influence and impact of the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI), after signing a multi-year partnership agreement with Israel’s Ministry of Economy and reaching out with innovative programs to engage the Ontario, Canadian and world medical science sectors, and helping them advance brain health knowledge mobilization.

These accomplishments and others are illustrating how Baycrest is having real success today and how our work is resonating with the local, national and international communities.

Thanks to your support, Baycrest continues to be a beacon of brain health care provision and a top-quality, world-leading Centre of Excellence in the field of aging.

Laurence Goldstein,
Chair, Baycrest Foundation Board
David Kassie,
Chair, Baycrest Health Sciences Board