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Innovation in Aging - Fall 2010 Issue


Thanks to neuroplasticity, the human brain is capable of rewiring and reorganizing itself to adapt to, and compensate for, the effects of aging and injury.

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fMRI - Neuroscience

At the Cutting Edge of Neuroscience

Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute helped pioneer the use of imaging technology and other research modalities to advance our understanding of the brain. That work continues today in a number of new and innovative ventures.

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Memory strategies

Simple Strategies Can Improve Memory

Memory and cognitive training programs at Baycrest are supported by neuroscientific evidence showing that older adults are highly capable of learning new skills, including common sense ways to sharpen their memory function.

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Dr. Paul Katz

Bedside Manner

Dr. Paul Katz, a leading elder care expert, joins the Baycrest executive team as vice-president of Medical Services and Chief of Staff.

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Technical Support

Technical Support

An online support group, developed at Baycrest, is bringing homebound caregivers together to share experiences, information and coping strategies.

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Easing the Mind

Can meditation help relieve the stress of people — mostly women — who are caring for loved ones with dementia?

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Dr. Angela TroyerAsk an Expert

Keeping Pace in the Classroom
Neuropsychologist Angela Troyer shares ideas for how the 50-plus set can return to university for a master’s degree and hold their own with 20-year-olds.
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Smart Aging Digest

A miscellany of tips and advice from Baycrest experts on a range of health topics related to aging.

senior fitness


WB founder and chair Lynn PoslunsStepping Out, Stepping Up

The many friends and supporters of Baycrest raise millions each year in support of research, education and
client care.
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