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Innovation in Aging - Winter 2010 Issue
Art and Technology


A pioneer in elder care over the last 100 years, Baycrest will engage the best minds from a broad range of disciplines, informed by the lived experiences of older adults and their families, in finding innovative solutions to the challenges of aging in this new century.

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Arts for Life

Age is no barrier to creativity. In partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Baycrest is investigating whether participating in the arts helps older adults maintain their brain health.

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Hitting the Right Note

The role of music in health and in stroke recovery.

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A Gentle Pace

An innovative new patient care program at Baycrest will provide frail elders with gently paced rehabilitation tailored to their needs.

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Senior and youth

Bridging Time

When younger and older generations come together, the young tap into a store of wisdom and experience, the old discover they still have something valuable to contribute – and stereotypes are sent packing.

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Senior singing

Finding a Voice on Stage

A theatre group at Baycrest allows residents to share their feelings about moving from their homes to an assisted living facility.

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morning person


Dancing with the starsStepping Out, Stepping Up

The many friends and supporters of Baycrest raise millions each year in support of research, education and
client care.
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