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Therapeutic Fitness

At Baycrest, our therapeutic programming focuses on improving the physical, social, cognitive and emotional well-being of seniors.

“The Barrie 2 Baycrest ride supports our existence to the utmost degree. I can’t even say how appreciative we are. It really puts us out there in the big wide world to spread the message about why exercise is important to improving quality of life. Evidence-based research shows that exercise and brain health go hand in hand. ” – Judy Chu, Baycrest kinesiologist

Here’s a snapshot of how B2B helps Baycrest:

  • A man in a wheelchair comes to the pool and moves freely in the water without assistance. Can you imagine the freedom? It’s like being able to walk again!
  • An instructor leads an adaptive yoga class where older adults stretch and practise breath control and meditation techniques tailored for different levels of ability.
  • Two different groups of Parkinson’s clients meet on Tuesdays, with one of the groups designed for people with higher levels of mobility. Everyone gets to exercise and socialize.
  • A woman who’s had a stroke is accompanied by her mother at a workout that will improve strength and balance. Instead of being isolated at home, they interact with others.
  • A patient uses walking poles to improve gait and posture as he walks briskly through the common areas at Baycrest accompanied by a therapist – gaining confidence with every step.
  • The exercise room has special features to allow easier access to equipment. There are resistance bands, free weights, exercise balls, weighted pulleys and more.
  • Movement therapy is one component of Circle of Care meetings which couples attend for support and guidance when one of the partners has Alzheimer’s disease.
  • After a stroke group finishes its exercises, participants adjourn to a spacious meeting room – it’s a “brain gym” with social interaction that’s part of their therapy.
  • Educational sessions and posters inform the Baycrest community about falls prevention, safe footwear and foot care – all aimed at keeping seniors active, healthy and out of the hospital.

“I see people coming out of their homes as a form of an outing who see us as an extension of their family. We love to emphasize the importance of what we do – it’s helping them to improve the quality of their life, to be independent living in their homes and make the most of what they have.” – Judy Chu, Baycrest kinesiologist

Rethinking Brain Health and Aging

The brain is the most complicated machine on Earth. At Baycrest, it is at the centre of care, education, innovation and research.

Baycrest Health Sciences is unique in the world, combining a residential setting for older adults with a hospital, adult day programs, a community centre, clinics and an internationally renowned research institute focused on brain health and aging.

All of these components are inter-connected and situated on a 22-acre campus. Baycrest is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, and provides training to more than 1,500 people each year.

The senior population is growing fast in Canada. The need for stimulating programs and the brain health studies conducted by our scientists has never been greater.

At Baycrest, our professionals are rethinking brain health and aging. They are improving the quality of life of older adults through the integration and application of exceptional healthcare, wellness promotion, research and educational activities.

In the process, Baycrest is identifying the best way to optimize brain health for people of all ages. Therapeutic recreation is an important piece of the puzzle, and that’s how B2B is making a difference and improving lives every day at Baycrest!


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