Neuropsychology and Cognitive Health

The Neuropsychology and Cognitive Health program provides clinical services, education and training and clinical research related to the assessment and treatment of memory and other cognitive abilities in older adults. The mission of our program is to provide excellence and leadership in clinical neuropsychological services.

Our staff is made up of psychologists, social workers, administrative support as well as many volunteers and students.

Clinical services

The program provides neuropsychological assessment, intervention, and consultation across Baycrest programs and to external organizations.

  • Neuropsychological Evaluation Services contribute to the diagnosis of cognitive disorders and treatment planning.
  • Neuropsychological intervention is offered to clients with mild to severe cognitive changes. Specific programs include the following:
  • External neuropsychological consultation services are provided to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and West Park Healthcare Centre.
  • Behavioural consultation helps Baycrest teams manage responsive behaviours in patients with cognitive disorders.

Education and training

We offer training opportunities for undergraduate psychology students, graduate practicum students in social work and psychology, and pre-doctoral neuropsychology interns. We also provide numerous rounds and seminars for trainees in neuropsychology.

Clinical research

Our staff members are involved in clinical research investigating cognitive and behavioural changes that occur with normal aging and age-related cognitive disorders.