Information for clients

Visits to the Mood and Related Disorders Clinic include a series of assessments and questionnaires so that a proper diagnosis can be made and treatments can be recommended.

This may take more than one visit to the clinic and you may be seen by one or more members of our team.

Making an appointment:

All clients must have a physician referral, so please speak to your physician.

Referrals to the Mood and Related Disorders Clinic must be completed by a physician. Please click here to download the referral form.

Referral form

Contact us:

The Outpatient Mental Health Intake phone number is: 416-785-2500 ext 2730

All physician referral forms can be faxed to: 416-785-2492

Your first visit:

This is our first opportunity to get to know you. Please allow up to three hours.

1. You will meet a member of the team who will:

  • review the questionnaire you sent in
  • help you to complete some questionnaires about mood and thinking

2. The team member will meet with your family or caregiver to:

  • review how they see your mood and functioning

3. You will meet the psychiatrist who will:

  • review your mood history with you

4. The team will meet to review your assessments and then will:

  • meet with you and your family member to share assessment results and make recommendations
  • discuss whether you need to undergo further assessments
  • collaborate on a care plan with you

Follow-up Visits

Depending on your needs, follow-up appointments will vary in time.

Follow-up services may include:

  • Occupational Therapy: provides assessments and interventions related to daily functioning
  • Social work: assists in coordinating treatments across sites, as well as supportive counseling for interpersonal or family problems
  • Psychology: provides assessment and treatment of mood problems
  • Psychiatry: provides medication treatment

In order to track effectiveness of your treatment, you may be asked to complete questionnaires at six-month intervals.

You may be seen regularly by one or more members of the team to monitor progress and to adjust treatments as needed.

Possible Assessments

Some of the assessments for depression and other mood related disorders might include:

  • an interview with a psychiatrist
  • completing questionnaires about mood and thinking with a team member

In some cases, we may suggest further assessments in one of the other clinics.

Your Healthcare Team

Our clinic provides easy, timely access to a wide range of specialists.

Depending on your particular needs, you may see one or more members of the team which includes a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist or Social Worker.

Possible Treatments

In our clinic, treatments for mood disorders may include medications and various forms of counseling and therapy.
This combination has been shown to effectively treat depression in many age groups, including the elderly.

Your physician along with your healthcare team will determine the best course of treatment for you.