MS clinic

Elkie Adler Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

The Elkie Adler MS Clinic at Baycrest is operated by the Assistive Technologies Clinics. It offers medical and rehabilitation management, as well as leading edge assistive technology in the areas of mobility aids, communication, advanced computer technology to control environments, specialized seating, and help with home modifications to improve the quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

The clinic is staffed with an innovative interprofessional team of physicians, nurses, rehabilitation personnel, social services and a technical team who devises switches and voice/head control interfaces with computers that allow patients to manage their chairs and home environment and to communicate with others.

The clinic also offers speech pathology for swallowing disorders, kinesiology, massage therapy, a gait lab to improve mobility and coordinators who liaise with community care access.

We offer other unique programs such as a spasticity management clinic and a newly established cognition clinic.

A doctor’s referral is required and we see patients of all ages at any point of the continuum of care.

For further information:

To book an appointment call 416-784-3600 or fax 416 784-5600