Wagman Centre

Active Seniors Age Successfully

Wagman Member Marion Green at the Terraces of Baycrest Retirement Residence with Dance Movement Therapist Andreah Barker highlighting the benefits of exercise in later life.

Joseph E. and Minnie Wagman Centre – A community centre for seniors

The Wagman Centre offers a dynamic range of physical, social, creative, cultural and intellectual activities which support aging, well being and brain health It’s a place to learn new skills, participate in exercise and health education, make social connections and engage in a way that promotes greater quality of life in the later years.

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Studio offers a hands-on learning experience in a supportive and nurturing environment which encourages creative expression and builds self-confidence. The studio offers woodworking, ceramics, stain glass, painting, drawing, knitting, crocheting, beading and more. In addition, each month a special project of the month is offered which gives participants the opportunity to try something new and to complete a creative project.

Fees: A yearly membership fee entitles members to parking, a monthly newsletter and a variety of recreational activities. There are additional registration fees for creative arts, fitness and some recreational programs.

For further information: Call the Joseph E. and Minnie Wagman Centre at 416-785-2500, ext 2267.

Fitness and health promotion classes and programs

The Fitness and Health Promotion Department offers a wide-range of exercise and wellness education programs which are designed to support healthy aging and to address a range of abilities as well as special health concerns and chronic conditions (e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, diabetes). The exercise facilities include an accessible warm, salt water therapeutic pool; a well equipped, supervised exercise room and functional exercise circuit.

Specialized exercise classes focus on aerobic and functional fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility training and brain health. The programs offered include Chair and free standing Fitness Class options, modified Tai Chi , Qi Gong, Yoga and Pilates, Dance Movement Therapy, Exercise for Parkinson’s, Stroke Recovery, Balance and Walking Training, Body and Brain, Water Exercise Classes, supervised pool use, individual exercise room programming and wellness education.

Each month the Wellness Education Lecture Series, presented by professional experts on a wide range of health and wellness related topics is offered. Guests are welcome.

Recreation programs

Therapeutic Recreation staff utilize a strengths-based approach to engage Terrace residents and Wagman members in leisure programs that foster quality of life and well-being. The following are a snapshot of some of the programs that are offered: Poetry Group, Discussion Groups, Creative Arts, Drama Group, Reading Club, Learning Academy Courses, Special Events, Outings, Cultural and Spiritual Programming, Pet Therapy, Games Programs, Library Services, Gardening, Movie and Entertainment Nights and much more.