Inpatient care

Baycrest offers specialized hospital inpatient care for the elderly population.

The Inpatient Psychiatry Program provides comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and short term management of mental health issues. The Program specializes in mood disorders including major depression, bipolar disorders, post traumatic stress disorder and psychotic disorders. Interventions and stabilization is provided by an interprofessional team and will include individual therapy, group therapy, ECT (limited) if appropriate to the condition, and medication management. Patients and families are engaged in setting treatment goals to promote their recovery.

Who can be referred to this clinic

  • Clients with a diagnosis of mental illness or mental health issue
  • Clients must be 65 years old or older

Excluded diagnoses (clients not eligible for this clinic):

Clients with the following diagnoses, or suspected diagnoses, will be excluded:

  • Significant behavioural disturbances associated with dementia or traumatic brain injury (more appropriate for Inpatient Behavioural Neurology Unit – 4 West)
  • Severe acute medical illness
  • Emergency or Crisis Admissions

If you have questions or need help finding what you are looking for, please call the Department of Psychiatry at 416-785-2500, ext 2730.