Complex continuing care

The Complex Continuing Care (CCC) Program of Baycrest Hospital, Ben and Hilda Katz Building, provides care for older patients (60 years old plus) with complex medical conditions in a non-acute hospital setting.

Programs & Services

The Complex Continuing Care program provides Assessment, Treatment and Care for patients with multiple chronic complex medical conditions and diagnoses.

Our approach to care is geared towards managing the needs of patients who have multiple complex and/or chronic medical conditions in a way that promotes an enhanced quality of life, within the scope of the patient’s condition. We provide an interprofessional approach to meeting physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being, and offer a holistic and team approach management of complex medical conditions and provide end of life care for terminal medical conditions. The Complex Continuing Care Program helps patients and their families identify strategies that support client centered and quality-of-life goals. Although the Hospital is non-sectarian, the principles of Judaism guide Baycrest in daily operations while serving clients of all backgrounds. Baycrest is a Kosher facility.

Our interdisciplinary teams manage patients with tracheostomies, ileostomies, enteral feeding, peripheral intravenous lines, central lines and advanced wound care needs.

We provide pain and symptom management and provision of end of life care.  It is important to note that the Baycrest Complex Continuing Care program does not provide slow stream or acute rehabilitation.

Program Criteria and Application Process

CCC Admission Criteria

Physician referrals are required. Applications are normally submitted to the program by the patient’s health care team in acute care through the Resource Matching and Referral (RM&R) system.

All applications are reviewed based on program admission criteria to determine if the patient’s needs would be appropriately met in the CCC program, and decisions are communicated directly to the referring health care team representative.

Complex Continuing Care is not a permanent stay or Long Term Care program. Our inter-professional teams continually assess patients to ensure that the person is in the appropriate level of care. When a patient no longer requires the intensity of resources/services provided in CCC, a Baycrest Social Worker, along with the inter professional team, will assist the patient and/or their family in preparation for transition or discharge to the most appropriate care setting.

Co-payment Fee

A co-payment fee, as mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, applies for those patients designated as requiring Complex Continuing Care, and is also applicable during leaves of absence. If you have private Insurance coverage it is important that you contact your Insurance Company to confirm that your coverage applies for accommodation in a Complex Continuing Care Hospital.

For further information: Call the Admissions Coordinator at 416-785-2500, ext. 2311.