Assessment of hearing problems and needs

Audiologists help people to…

Audiologist placing a headset on patient for audiometric evaluation

  • Understand their hearing loss and its effect on communication
  • Enhance their quality of life by improving hearing
  • Identify the amplification devices that best fulfill their communication needs
  • Learn effective communication strategies and ways to educate others about their hearing loss

What will happen at your appointment with the audiologist?

  • Your ear canals will be examined for wax or any medical issues. Referral to the Baycrest ENT clinic can be arranged if necessary
  • Your hearing will be tested
  • Your lifestyle and hearing needs will be assessed
  • Together, you and your audiologist will decide which management options best meet your needs
  • Any amplification devices recommended by the audiologist may be purchased at Baycrest
  • Your audiologist will design and implement rehabilitation strategies for you and your loved ones

Baycrest Audiology Brochure