Hearing is vital to healthy aging

The ability to hear and communicate is vital to healthy aging, as it helps people to perform daily

Active retired people, two senior men playing chess at park

activities (e.g., shopping, banking, medical appointments), participate in social activities, and live independently and safely.

Facts about hearing loss and older adults

  • Age-related hearing loss affects about two-thirds of older adults
  • Individuals with untreated hearing loss are at greater risk for developing dementia and run a greater risk of falls and hospitalization
  • Hearing loss can lead to social isolation, relationship problems with friends and family, loss of income or earning potential, anxiety and depression
  • Only about 20% of those who could benefit from amplification actually wear hearing aids
  • A hearing test is recommended for all those over age 50 – or sooner if hearing loss is suspected – to identify and address any hearing loss as soon as possible

 Research at Baycrest Audiology

Our team is currently conducting exciting new research projects that investigate the connection between hearing health and brain health. Contact the research coordinator to find out more about participating in groundbreaking research at Baycrest (416-785-2500 ext. 3566).

For more information, read a blog post by Audiology Practice Advisor Marilyn Reed.