Many Walls, Many Faces


The selected works in this booklet include culturally-themed pieces which showcase multiculturalism in the Baycrest Art Collection. This walk includes photography, paintings, color etchings, lithographs, as well as work by famed American cartoonist William Gropper. Also featured is a piece entitled “L’Chaim”, a Baycrest original mosaic handcrafted by hospital and Apotex clients who attend art classes in the Creative Arts Studio. As you move through the sequence, consider which pieces you are able to relate to, and which symbols, places, and traditions are significant in your culture.

Many Walls, Many Faces


Baycrest Artwalk with Irving Posluns

Irving Posluns and the Posluns family have made a significant contribution through our history as major benefactors of Baycrest. Posluns became fascinated with the world of photography after receiving his first camera at his Bar Mitzvah in 1936, but only began practicing professionally in 1969 when he retired from his career as a businessman. Over the next 40 years Posluns travelled the world taking black and white photos of his international travels capturing images of the local people in their day-to-day lives. The photos in this series are from Posluns travels to China, Tibet and Mongolia. The second series features his travels through Morocco. Baycrest is fortunate to have approximately 800 Irving Posluns photographs in our holdings.


Baycrest Art Walk, “Stories of Our Lives” with Raphael Goldchain

Rafael Goldchain was raised in Santiago, Chile and attended photography school in Jerusalem. He is now a practicing photographer living in Toronto. This album of photographs are from a series called Stories of Our Lives, which he curated specifically for Baycrest. The photographs were taken from different bodies of work that he created in the late 1980s to the early 1990s. The idea behind these works was to create a way for North American viewers to “interact with the people from this part of the world in an honest way.” Part of the way in which Goldchain accomplishes his vision is by photographing his subjects with neutral expressions.