Think Tank Wayfinding Project

wayfindingProfessor Cheryl Giraudy’s second year design course called Think Tank collaborated with Baycrest to assess our use of wayfinding in the Centre. In groups of four, the students compiled research, observations, and key findings on how to improve our navigation system. The course culminated in a presentation of key recommendations to a committee of representatives from Baycrest. We are very greatly for the hard work and insight provided by the Think Tank collective. The results of the students’ efforts is being taken in to consideration for a centre-wide wayfinding transformation.

Think Tank is an interdisciplinary and experiential learning environment with progressive courses embracing aware­ness, consideration and action, all of which examine the social condition of “where” and “how” we live. Think Tank courses fall under the Faculty of Design’s primary mandate Design and Humanity. The significant impact that intelligent and sustainable design can have on peo­ple’s lives and the considerable responsi­bility that the designer has to society are critical factors in shaping behavior and turning research and perception into ac­tion. Strategies for change are channeled into potential project solutions in this course through the research, discussion and debate of current societal issues.