Holocaust resource program

Our Holocaust Programs are provided for Holocaust survivors and their children.

The Holocaust Resource Program offers consultation, counselling, and educational services for clients, families and survivors at Baycrest and also in other long-term care facilities. Staff with specialized expertise run ongoing support groups for child survivors and children of survivors. For information about our programs and support groups for Holocaust survivors and their children, please click here.

Café Europa

Café Europa is a special program for Holocaust survivors living in the community. Survivors come once a month on a Friday morning for a program that includes speakers, entertainment and refreshments. Here, in a safe and welcoming environment, survivors can rekindle old friendships and make new ones.

For more information about Café Europa call 416-785-2500, ext. 2271.

Creative Resilience

Creative Resilience is a documentary that was produced by Baycrest to present at 2010’s Holocaust education week. The project explores the duality of the term resilience – seen through the lens of two artists – one a Holocaust Survivor, and the other a soldier in the Canadian Forces.

The Survivor looks to art as a means of therapy – creating unique metallic sculptures based on stories from both his childhood and the daily news.

The soldier looks to art as a means of remembrance – depicting stories from the Holocaust in a graphic black and white series as a means to educate and preserve the images for future generations.

Both approaches demonstrate creative resilience, and the power of art as a vehicle of learning, healing, and remembrance.

Helpful publications for caregivers of Holocaust survivors

If you are caring for a Holocaust survivor, the following two publications may be of interest:
Caring for Aging Survivors of the Holocaust: A Practice Manual
Kavod: Honoring Aging Survivors

Claims Con

Social services for victims of the Holocaust have been supported by a grant from the Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany