Intergenerational and community program


Our intergenerational Programs are designed to foster meaningful opportunities for intergenerational connection between Baycrest residents and adolescents. We currently partner with schools and arts organizations to engage our seniors with youth through the arts.

As elders with accumulated life experience and perspective, our residents engage in the role of ‘keepers of the culture’. These Programs encourage creativity and collaborations and offer elders an opportunity to continue to make contributions to the next generation and to leave their legacy in their role as educators.

Current Programs

Intergenerational Mural Project

Baycrest Health Sciences Intergenerational Community Mural is a SPARK project of the Cultural Hotspot produced in partnership with the City of Toronto.
This intergenerational community mural project engages Baycrest residents and youth from North York in a large-scale, site-specific mural that celebrates community and enhances neighbourhood identity while giving an opportunity for different generations to form meaningful connections, learn from each other and create together. Led by Toronto-based artist Bareket Kezwer and facilitated by interdisciplinary staff at Baycrest, the final mural will be installed at the site. 

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