The Department of Culture, Arts & Innovation partners with local, national, and international organizations to explore joint opportunities for program development, education, research and innovation. Together, we hope to advance our knowledge of the arts in healthcare, to inform best practices and to develop innovative next practices.

At the local level, the department also partners with community centers, synagogues, and schools to sustain ongoing intergenerational relationships and sustain connections between seniors and their spiritual/religious affiliations. Collaborating partners are multidisciplinary, and include: federal and municipal governments; cultural institutions and agencies; religious groups and organizations; community centers; universities, colleges, and schools.

In addition to the academic and cultural partnerships, the department’s Innovation, Technology & Design Lab also engages with public and private companies that are interested in co-development projects, pilot testing new products, or tapping into our expertise (staff, seniors, family, etc) to inform their work.

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