HealthCare 365

Baycrest Health Sciences has partnered with HealthCare 365, an innovative health management service based upon the marriage of best practice medical protocols and medically supervised care coordination.

Nurse Care Coordinators support the implementation of the prescribed care plan from the patient’s doctors. They provide the education, monitoring, coaching, and navigation necessary for the patient and the patient’s family to properly manage their care.


  • Nurse coordinated program
  • Proactive check-ins and reminders
  • 24/7 Nurse hotline
  • Medication and Referral management
  • Monitoring, reminders, and condition specific care plans for Chronic conditions
  • Medical questions answered by medical professionals that know you
  • Bi-directional communication and coordination with Doctors and Specialists

“Patients and their families should not be responsible for navigating a complex health system and consolidating their own care – that’s HealthCare 365’s job”

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To get started with HealthCare 365, please connect with Matt King, our Baycrest HealthCare 365 representative, at 647-478-4050, or via email at