Nursing education

Nursing EducationBaycrest is a fully affiliated academic centre of the University of Toronto. Hundreds of students come to Baycrest each year for clinical training in almost every health-care discipline. In addition, many of our staff teach at the university in the faculties of dentistry, medicine, nursing and social work.We promote life-long learning.

Baycrest is committed to helping our nursing staff achieve their learning goals in nursing and gerontology. We offer flexible work schedules so nurses can continue to work while they study. A tuition reimbursement program and donor-supported awards make it possilbe for many staff members to upgrade their skills and pursue university degrees.

As well, our nurses are encouraged to participate in various in-services, workshops and seminars


All new staff members at Baycrest, participate in a one-day general Baycrest orientation. The orientation introduces staff to the philosophy, beliefs and values of the organization and how we live them.

This general orientation is followed by a 7-9 day Nursing Orientation (seven days for PSWs and nine days for RN and RPN staff). Here the expectations and standards of practice at Baycrest are reviewed. This orientation looks at professional development, life-long learning and key knowledge areas needed to work at Baycrest.

Ongoing Education

Baycrest is a University of Toronto teaching hospital and has access to leaders in the fields of geriatrics, nursing and allied health professions.

We encourage and highly support life-long learning and do this in many ways. We also encourage on-going formal education and support this through modified work schedules and various tuition reimbursement or nursing awards and scholarships.

Our nurses have the opportunity to attend in-services, workshops and seminars on an array of interesting topics ranging from techniques and equipment to person centred care and ethics.

We have an actual and virtual (on-line) library to keep our nurses up-to-date with the latest evidence and stimulated in their careers.

We have post-RN Ryerson BScN courses on site. The Humber Institute PSW-RPN bridging program on site plans to start new groups in 2010. As well, we offer a George Brown College RPN certificate to diploma program also on site for staff who wish to move forward in meeting their career goals.

Gerontology Internships

At Baycrest, we have developed a special program to ease the transition of new BScN grads from student to active practitioner.

The internship is a one-year full time position. During this time the intern works over 4 shifts/week providing clinical care and one day/week working with an advanced practitioner on a specific project such as education, administration, support, policy, research, etc.

The purpose of the program is to increase the understanding of the unique skill set required by nurses in gerontological practice and the need for specialized education. It also serves to improve the integration of new BScN graduates into the workplace and therefore help in the provision of knowledgeable and qualified gerontological nurses for future needs.

This program provides an opportunity for mentorship and exposure to cutting edge nursing research and the care of the elderly as well as the opportunity to experience and work in a range of clinical settings.

The geriatric intern also has the opportunity to apply for internal postings during their year internship – with the goal of establishing future permanent employment. Each year, one intern is allowed to extend the internship for a second year.

Nursing Students

As part of a University teaching hospital we have students from various clinical, administrative and service areas during their educational programs.

Within nursing we have students from the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, George Brown College, Humber Institute, Lakehead University, University of Calgary, Laurentian University and some students from the USA and Europe. We provide placement for students in the RN, RPN, MN and PhD programs in the above mentioned Colleges and Universities.

We make an active effort to try and recruit and hire students who do their final placement or consolidation with us.

We are currently exploring ways to improve inter-professional mentoring and inter-professional clinical placements.