Medication safety

How does Baycrest avoid medication errors? How can you help minimize the risks?

Baycrest is committed to ensuring accurate and safe medication administration. On admission, a comprehensive approach is taken by various team-based clinicians to gather medication information and create a Best Possible Medication History. Clients and families are encouraged to bring in ALL medications, even it taken only occasionally, including over-the-counter, herbals, and vitamins. Clients and families are encouraged to be involved in the process. Based on this information and other sources, admission medication orders are created. At Baycrest, we have a computerized physician order entry of prescriptions and conduct team-based regular medication reviews assisting the effectiveness and safety for each client. 

Baycrest staff will ensure that they are administering medication to the right client. This requires staff to check at least two client identifiers.

Please speak to your pharmacist, nurse or physician whether you are a client or family member when a change in wellbeing is noticed that could be a medication side effect, or when you have any questions about the medications.