Treatment and Management options


Alternative treatments

  • Your Brain Matters – (Australia)
    • List 5 different steps to maintain an healthy brain to reduce symptoms of dementia.
  • Alzheimer’s Australia – (Australia)
    • Provides list of alternative treatments and discuss the potential benefit and disadvantages of using natural treatments. Also provides a list of questions to ask health care provides regarding alternative treatments.
  • Alzheimer’s Association – (USA)
    • Describes the various alternative treatment that exist in the marketplace. Discuss the potential draw backs of using alternative treatments.
  • Baycrest – (Canada)
    • Non-pharmacological treatments used for treating behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. 

Coping techniques

Exercise & Physical activity

Healthy Eating

  • Alzheimer Society Canada – (Canada)
    • Discuss the difficulties a care provider faces during mealtime. Provides strategies to help individual suffering from dementia receive proper nutrition.