Message from the VP of Education

It is my pleasure to introduce Baycrest’s Education Strategic Plan for the next 5 years. It is ambitious in its scope and vision and clearly reflects the collective aspirations of our leaders, staff and students. Baycrest has a long history of excellence in teaching with many passionate and inspired teachers in our ranks, across many disciplines. Numerous students and trainees have had their interest in caring for older adults aroused during placements at Baycrest. We are ready to build on our success and take education at Baycrest to a new level. Dr. Catherine Whiteside, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine recently noted that “Our Faculty of Medicine is very fortunate to partner with Baycrest to provide a peerless learning experience for our students in the field of geriatrics”.

Dr. David Conn, Vice President Education

This is a comprehensive plan which recognizes that in addition to our students we have a responsibility to educate health professionals and consumers locally, nationally and internationally. Our aim is to be global leaders in the fields of aging, geriatrics and brain health and our commitment to educate widely must represent a key component of that leadership. At the same time, it is essential that we bring the same level of excellence to teaching our own staff at the point of care, ensuring that the latest evidence in support of optimal clinical practice is translated into the highest quality of care for our clients. The concept of creating a Centre for Education at Baycrest is not new – but we are now ready to launch this essential new structure to support and enable the strategic directions described in this document. Establishing The Centre for Education & Knowledge Exchange in Aging is a crucial step towards advancing the quality of our educational endeavours and developing innovative and novel approaches to teaching at all levels.

There are many people to thank including our Strategic Planning Committee and my co-chair Faith Boutcher, Director of Academic Education. We are very grateful to Helena Axler and colleagues for their excellent work in support of the plan. I want to thank the five working groups and all who participated in our Education Summit in October 2010, especially our students and external guests. New resources will be required to realize this plan. We look forward to working on many fronts to find the necessary funds to bring it to fruition. We aim to harness the collective energies of our staff in support of education and to lead a global network of educators to advance our field together. To quote Ryunosuke Satoro: “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an Ocean.”

David K. Conn. MB, FRCPC
Vice President of Education, Baycrest
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Education Strategic Plan Executive Summary
Education Strategic Plan 2011-2016