Beat Brain Sag: Ladies, Give Your Grey Matter A Lift!

Statistics show women have a higher prevalence of Alzheimer’s than men. It’s time to take charge of our lives before cognitive decline takes charge of us. Produced together with Baycrest’s Aging, Innovation & the Mind Speaker Series.

Dr. Tiffany Chow

The Rotman Research Institute
First Scientist Supported by the Women of Baycrest

speakerseries-57Dr. Chow’s clinical research is dedicated to finding meaningful interventions for patients with behavioural disturbances due to dementia. These interventions range from pharmacologic ways of compensating for neurotransmitter imbalances caused by the dementia to non-pharmacologic means, such as specialized Day Programs or dance.  Against a backdrop of No Known Cure, clinical research in dementia is a deep frontier for neuroscientists. An important aspect of this type of clinical research is to determine the most appropriate methodology, whether for measuring the abnormal proteins or their effects on the brain (e.g., neuroreceptor loss, cortical metabolism, cerebral perfusion).

Dr. Chow’s descriptive work concerns the characterization of the behaviours manifested in frontotemporal dementia, in an attempt to find pathological correlations that are more tightly associated with the behaviours than regional atrophy is. The long-range goal is to identify a clear target to inform pharmacotherapy.

The nature of behavioural disturbances in dementia belies brain-behaviour correlations taught from lesion studies: by the time patients are diagnosed, the ravages of FTD and Alzheimer’s disease have struck in several places, not just within one frontosubcortical circuit.

As one of the investigators in the multidisciplinary Frontotemporal Dementia Workgroup, Dr. Chow is dedicated to advancing innovative and meaningful research in FTD by optimizing collaboration among investigators, facilitating patient and family participation in research, and providing a collegial, educational forum for investigators, clinicians and their trainees.

Dr. Jean Marmoreo

speakerseries-56Jean Marmoreo is a Toronto-based Family Physician who has been caring for women and their families for more than 30 years. She continues to deliver the babies of her patients and now their babies as well.

In addition, she specializes in treating mid-life women and managing the issues that surround the transition through menopause. These include the squeeze we call The Sandwich Generation, the pitfalls of raising teens, the disruption of family splits and reconfigurations, love lost and found again, the crucible and the lessons of illness.

Jean lectures widely on these topics to lay audiences and has provided the necessary medical expertise in evaluating the use of hormone replacement during and after the change for women in a variety of venues.

Her experience in the “trenches” was the basis of her columns in the National Post and the Globe and Mail and led to her writing the book, The New Middle Ages, in 2002.

That same year she and her husband founded JeansMarines, a running group aimed at taking women off the couch and to the starting line of the Marines Corps Marathon in Washington in nine months – the time it takes to have a baby.

Hundreds of women have done the JeansMarines program and have changed their lives because of it.

An avid hiker and kayaker, Jean Marmoreo has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and hiked to the base camp at Mt. Everest.


Libby Znaimer

Taken from National Speakers Bureau – Jan 29, 2010

speakerseries-58Libby Znaimer is a prominent Canadian journalist specializing in business, politics, and lifestyle issues. After working in television broadcasting for two decades, she joined Classical 96.3 FM as Vice-President of News and Information last year. She is producing and hosting The Zoomer Report, a special feature on all topics of interest to the baby boom generation – It covers everything from health and wealth, to leisure and volunteerism, from the special vantage point of the generation that has changed society in its wake.

Libby contributes to numerous publications including the National Post, where wrote a popular series on breast cancer called “The Lump.” Her first book, In Cancerland – Living Well Is the Best Revenge – was published by Key Porter in October 2007. 

Libby broke into print journalism with The Associated Press in Tel Aviv. She then moved into television, with stints at Global Television, KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, and WNBC in New York. She covered Parliament Hill for three years, then moved to reporting and anchoring daily news coverage  for ground-breaking television stations Citytv and CablePulse 24. She was also an on-air host for ROBtv (now Business News Network.)