Caring for Aging Parents: Wish there was a GPS for this journey!

Of the more than nine million Canadians who are between the ages of 40 and 59, the majority have parents who are beginning to need help and support. This talk will help you figure out how to navigate some of the bumps in the road and steer through unanticipated, sudden turns.

Dr. Michael Gordon

Medical Program Director
Palliative Care, Baycrest

speakerseries-35Dr. Michael Gordon is one of the best known figures in geriatric medicine in Canada. He has played an instrumental role in establishing geriatric medicine as a recognized subspecialty and bringing it into the mainstream of clinical and academic medicine at the local, national and international levels. Dr. Gordon is known for his vision, enthusiasm, boundless energy and determination. He is an outstanding teacher and mentor to a generation of physicians through his extensive writing and teaching at the undergraduate, post-graduate and continuing education levels. An outspoken advocate and advisor on seniors’ health issues, Dr. Gordon is also an author, prolific contributor and commentator on aging-related topics from print to broadcast.

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Sandie Rinaldo

News Anchor – CTV National News

speakerseries-34Sandie Rinaldo has been anchoring CTV National News on weekends since 1985. In 2004, Rinaldo became co-host of W-FIVE with veteran news anchor, Lloyd Robertson. Sandie has been a backup to Robertson on the weeknight edition of CTV National News since 1981.

Rinaldo came to CTV in 1973 one week after graduating from York University where she earned an Honours B.A. in Fine Arts. In that first year she jumped from Junior Secretary to Production Secretary to Production Manager, then becoming a researcher for W-FIVE. In 1975 she went to New York City with the team and helped produce The Bankruptcy of New York, which won a journalism award.