Mental illness and the creative mind: The Brian Wilson Story

The Beach Boys leader’s story shows how mental illness and the creative mind meet and how proper treatment and support can help people with mental illness build on their passions and enhance quality of life.

Dr. Brian Levine

Senior Scientist, Rotman Research Institute

speakerseries-37Dr. Brian Levine is a senior scientist at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest and a professor in the departments of Psychology and Medicine (Neurology) at the University of Toronto. Dr. Levine has his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and completed his postdoctoral fellowships in clinical and research neuropsychology.

Dr. Levine’s key areas of interest are inter-related:

Assessment of executive function. The role of executive function in humans is to coordinate the many brain activities needed to set goals, make plans to attain those goals, organize the steps to carry out those plans and ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.
Episodic memory, which refers to the memory of events, times, places and associated emotions and other knowledge in relation to an experience.
Recovery and re-organization of brain function following traumatic brain injury.

Monica Matys

Health and Wellness Reporter, CTV News Toronto

speakerseries-38Monica Matys, Health and Wellness Reporter, CTV News TorontoMonica has been the health reporter on CTV News Toronto since 2001. Her feature health report, Lifetime, can be seen on CTV Toronto News at Noon and at 6:00 p.m.

Monica’s interest in the medical field began while working for a medical publishing company as the editor of a monthly magazine. Before being hired on at CTV Toronto, she did some freelance health reporting for the National Post as well as Chatelaine Magazine.

One of Monica’s favourite days on the job was the time she got to spend a day in Credit Valley Hospital’s Emergency unit. It really opened my eyes to the strains on our system, Monica explains. Monica has also had the privilege of interviewing some of our country’s top medical experts, and has visited many of the top facilities.

Monica grew up in Scarborough, and has an honours degree in Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa. Monica lives in the Toronto area with her husband and two children.