Step 5: First day at Baycrest

  1. Bring with you:
    • School photo ID. This is required in order for you to receive a hospital ID.
    • Deposit – a $10 deposit will be required for your ID badge, security access card and locker (accept only cash).
    • Payment for parking $48 (debit or credit card accepted) if required.
  2. Parking
    • Please Park in Main Parking lot.
    • The Parking Office to make payment is located at the 2nd Floor of Hospital, Financial Service.
    • The hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday.
    • Students are responsible for all financial costs related to transportation and parking.
  3. Submit all required documents to Academic Education
    • Immunization Records:
      • Measles (Documentation of MMR Vaccination or Lab evidence of immunity)
      • Mumps (Documentation of MMR Vaccination or Lab evidence of immunity)
      • Rubella (Documentation of MMR Vaccination or Lab evidence of immunity)
      • Influenza (every winter/fall,  highly recommended)
      • Varicella – Proof of diagnosis or verification of typical varicella or Shingles by healthcare provide or Lab evidence of immunity
      • TB: Negative Two-step test; or Negative one-step test within the last year if documentation of previous two-step
      • TB if positive test, Negative Chest X-ray required within last year
    • Mask Fit.
      • These are the only mask Baycrest carries. Please ensure that you are fitted with one of these masks.







         Pleats & Rovs


  4. Vulnerable Sector Screening
  5. Occupational and Safety Training Certificate
  6. Orientation checklist form
  7. Obtain ID and other access 
    • Obtain ID
    • Locker
    • Computer access
    • Meditech training
    • Student Centre access
    • Tour of Baycrest
    • Scrubs/pagers (if required)
  8. Attend your scheduled department orientation and tour
  9. Complete Safety Checklist Form with your preceptor/Orientation coordinator