Tele-education at Baycrest

Baycrest is recognized internationally as an expert in aging and brain health and produces healthcare educational videoconferencing not only within Ontario through OTN (Ontario Telemedicine Network) but across Canada and through our international partnerships in  28 countries worldwide. This collaborative programming invites knowledge transfer with an international perspective, creating a greater wealth of experience.

Baycrest also provides clinical consultation to both patients and families in the specialty areas of Geriatric Psychiatry, Pain Management, Palliative Care and Neurology.  These consultations are especially important to remote areas such as Northern Ontario where a subspecialist is not available.


The Global Reach of Telehealth at Baycrest


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Telehealth events

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Baycrest Telehealth Series

  • Baycrest Behavioural Neurology Rounds
  • Baycrest International Behavioural Neurology Rounds
  • Baycrest Behavioural Support Rounds
  • NIRVE (Neurology Residents Rounds
  • Baycrest Gereiatric Medicine Rounds
  • Rotman Rounds
  • Baycrest Geriatric Mental Health Rounds
  • GTA SLP Leaders Group Series
  • Aphasia Interest Group Series
  • Baycrest Wellness Library
  • Baycrest Visiting Professor Series

To participate or for more information please contact Tim Patterson, Telehealth Coordinator at  or 416-785-2500, ext. 2461.