Support Baycrest’s greatest needs by becoming a monthly donor

By becoming a monthly donor, you are providing a dependable source of funding that supports Baycrest’s greatest needs. Your monthly commitment ensures there is a ready and reliable stream of funding available that opens doors to dynamic approaches to seniors’ care and advances research that is constantly working to find answers to complex questions about the brain.

Make a stronger impact

Monthly donations reduce administrative cost for items like postage, paper and printing. This means that more of your donation goes to where it’s needed most.

Monthly donations are affordable

By dividing your annual donation into twelve equal payments, you can meet your annual donation goals while effectively managing your personal finances.

It is easy to keep track of your donation

Your donation will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account or charged to your credit card. Your donation will appear on your monthly statement and you will receive one consolidated tax receipt for your monthly donations at the beginning of the following year.

Click here to learn more about tax receipts.

It is easy to change, skip or cancel your donation

To change the amount, the schedule or to skip payments, email or call our Donations office at 416-785-2875 and we will gladly make the changes for you.
Monthly donors receive:

  • A welcome package with details about Baycrest to help you get to know us better
  • A newsletter letting you know about the latest news at Baycrest or give us your email and we can send you are monthly newsletters
  • An annual tax receipt that consolidates all your monthly donations made throughout the year