Baycrest experts share best care practices in Israel

Pharmacist Anne Kirstein, left, and Dr. Daphna Grossman

Pharmacist Anne Kirstein, left, and Dr. Daphna Grossman

For the past 29 years, Anne Kirstein, a pharmacist at Baycrest, has been helping to build the palliative care unit at Baycrest. Focusing on a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, Kirstein says the team at Baycrest goes to great lengths to support the goals and wishes of their clients.

Now, for the first time, best practices from Baycrest’s approach to patient care will be used by healthcare professionals in Israel, thanks to the efforts of Kirstein and her colleague Dr. Daphna Grossman, a palliative care consultant at Baycrest.

This past January, Kirstein and Dr. Grossman led a two-day palliative care conference at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem to help healthcare professionals throughout Israel develop palliative care teams, including guidance to integrate palliative care pharmacists. The conference was attended by more than 100 healthcare professionals from across the country. They also visited multiple hospitals to share in their expertise.

Kirstein says that for her, this trip was a perfect “mitzvah,” an opportunity to do a good deed, as it combined her professional skills with her deep ties to her heritage in Israel. “This was my first trip to Israel in a professional capacity,” says Kirstein. “It was really exciting for Daphna and I to share our knowledge about our multidisciplinary approach to care. Based on this experience, I’m looking forward to continued Toronto-Israel collaborations and sharing the Baycrest model of care with other healthcare professionals around the world.”