Celebrating Earth Day at Baycrest Health Sciences

April 22 is Earth Day and Baycrest is celebrating by committing to and improving our planet-friendly initiatives every day of the year.

Our Energy Retrofit and Infrastructure Renewal Project began in April, 2011 and is Baycrest’s commitment to addressing the infrastructure needs of the entire campus in an environmentally sustainable way. It includes improvements to:

  • Lighting systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Water efficiency
  • Air filtration
  • The control computer for these systems

The project has garnered Baycrest recognition as one of the most innovative and energy efficient hospitals in the GTA by Greening Healthcare, a program managed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. In particular, Baycrest was named:

  • The facility with the most improvement in energy savings
  • Second-most improved in gas conservation

“Baycrest is not just a contender in the field of energy savings. We are leading the way,” says Nabil Khalil, manager, Baycrest Facilities Services, whose experience and leadership has made our environmentally sustainable initiatives possible, with the help of Victor Oliveira, executive director, Baycrest Redevelopment and Support Services.

Learn more about how your healthcare organization can join in the cause for making healthier, energy efficient communities on the Greening Healthcare website.

Graphic showing Baycrest's energy retrofit and infrastructure renewal project.