Baycrest to house the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

The future of aging and brain health innovation never looked so bright


Imagine if at Baycrest – where care and research work together to inform best practices – clinical and medical staff could have access to funding and resources to bring innovative ideas to fruition. Then imagine those ideas having the resources needed to reduce the time it takes for healthcare organizations to adopt products and services that can have an immediate benefit for older adults.

Imagine no longer. We are now working to realize this vision.

The Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI), to be led by Baycrest, will be a national hub and network of leading seniors care organizations dedicated to the development, validation, commercialization, dissemination and adoption of brain health and seniors care products and services. CC-ABHI has just received a total commitment of $123.5 million over the next 5 years. This support from the federal and provincial governments, fundraising commitments from the Baycrest Foundation and 40 leading industry, academic, public sector and not-for-profit partners, represents the largest such investment in brain health and aging in Canadian history.

By 2031, more than 23% of Canadians will be aged 65 years and older.

The creation of the CC-ABHI is a game-changer for our aging population. It will allow Baycrest to focus significantly on translating our research into enhanced care, leading the way to develop and implement innovations that will transform aging right here at Baycrest, across Canada and around the world.

With this investment, Baycrest can further develop its already impressive list of innovations in aging brain health. These include the Cogniciti online brain health assessment tool, the Virtual Brain, brain research technologies including eye-tracking cognitive assessment software, and Baycrest-developed programs such as Memory & Aging and Goal Management Training. With the establishment of the CC-ABHI, Baycrest will also become a vital “living lab” for testing and validating its new products and services, helping fan the spark of new ideas that could save minds and change lives. The innovations developed through CC-ABHI will help older adults maintain their independence in the community for longer periods of time, living healthier and more fulfilling lives outside of institutionalized settings.

Taken as a whole, the CC-ABHI embodies Baycrest’s four primary innovation objectives – to research, develop, test and disseminate transformative solutions in aging and brain health that:

  • Significantly improve the health and quality of life of aging adults
  • Fundamentally change how patients and clinicians work together
  • Enable and empower health information consumers, and;
  • Create jobs, economic growth and revenue through commercialization

The future of developments in the care and treatment of the aging brain looks bright. As exciting as the future is for Baycrest, it is thanks to the community’s unflinching belief and support in its mission that it stands on the cusp of making great advances in seniors care.

Fundraising over the next five years is critical to fulfill the Baycrest Foundation’s commitment of $25 million in donor matching funds necessary to support the government’s investment in CC-ABHI. A 1:4 match opportunity like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our donor community.

While fundraising in support of CC-ABHI, the Foundation remains committed to also raise funds that will address the gap between what we receive from the government for care, and the actual costs for our Jewish culture, arts and recreational programming that enhances the lives of our residents. The needs for these dollars have not changed. They continue to be a top priority for us. With your continued support, we will accomplish all our missions, both new and traditional.

You are the bedrock of all Baycrest has and will achieve. Thank you.