Keep your mind SHARP


Keep your mind SHARP and boost your brain power!

Congratulations – you’ve just taken the first step to getting a whole brain workout. But don’t stop now!

If you wanted to get into good physical shape, you wouldn’t just lift a dumbbell with one arm. Just like the body, the mind also needs to be worked in different ways. So try something new today – join a volunteer group, plan a party or try reorganizing a room in your house. All of these activities boost your brain processes.

Here are the answers to the puzzles from the Brain Health Toolkit.

1. Tricycle

2. Memory, Brain Fitness, Baycrest, Aging, Strategies

3. What comes up, must come down

4. Man over board

5. Go for it

6. Roman numerals

7. Hand in hand

8. Backward glance

9. Scrambled eggs

10. Your sister

11. Just between you and me

12. 7up cans

As Baycrest continues to solve the mysteries of the brain, please consider joining our fight against brain disease. As you age, Baycrest’s care and research into brain health will become paramount to your quality of life. Please, give generously. Because without your brain, you aren’t you.


Keep Your Mind Sharp!

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Drag the pieces into place to find out what the board says.

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