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Lemonade and sweet treats: Summer sales for Baycrest

Tova and Tali Travis

Tova and Tali Travis

Members of the youngest generation were inspired to help Baycrest this summer.

Six-year-old Tali Travis held a bake sale and raised $126 by inviting family and friends to purchase  chocolate chip cookies, banana cupcakes and pieces of cake. She made a big sign for the front yard, and was pleased with the enthusiastic response.

Her mother Tova said the family moved to Toronto from Israel a year ago, and Tali’s spirit of giving began in Tel Aviv when she saw homeless people in the outdoor market. She says Tali wanted the proceeds of her bake sale to go to older adults who need wheelchairs and canes.

Layla, Eli, Papernick

Layla and Eli Papernick

Also in August, nine-year-old Layla Papernick and her six-year-old sister Eli set up a lemonade stand on a nice day.

“We made the lemonade, we did everything, and we were just thinking, ‘what are we going to do with the money that we’re going to make?’” Layla said. The girls decided to donate it to Baycrest because it’s in their neighbourhood and they often walk by when they go to school and shul. Their grandparents also volunteer at Baycrest.

The girls raised $40 and visited the Baycrest Foundation with their mother, Amy, to drop off their very special donation.