The Value of a Soothing Space for the Soul

Richard Crenian
Richard Crenian

In my decades in the real estate world, I have seen many properties that are homes for families and spaces for businesses. Finding that right space doesn’t always happen right away. But when it’s found, or even created, its value is immense on every level.

Baycrest is such a space. It’s done an incredible job developing an environment and programs that create just the right home or home away from home for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Research has proven that participation in programs such as art and pet therapy, for example, result in increased social interaction, pro-social behaviours (smiles, looks, and verbalization) and a decrease in agitation and depression. Patients experience a sense of calm and the activity helps them recall happy memories. And the benefits stretch beyond the actual direct involvement and have lasting impact.

Couple such programming with an environment in which natural light beams in and sounds of music and chirping of birds carry through open foyers, and we have a place that is not only conducting important research and providing day-to-day care, but a space that is soothing for the soul.

Take a walk around Baycrest – as I’ve done many times – and listen for the music. Follow it to its origin and take a peek at what’s happening. Perhaps it’s coming from a dance class or a single piano. But more often than not, the music eventually leads to one of the best sounds in the world – laughter. Even for a few moments, the patients’ focus is on the happiness they’re experiencing. That’s what the right space and right people can do.

You can support that space and keep the joy alive with your donations. And the work done here at Baycrest can one day potentially help others around the world. How valuable is that?