Speaking a common language enhances patient care

Client and annaAnna Grunin, a physiotherapist on Baycrest hospital’s 3 West rehabilitation team is enhancing her ability to communicate with clients, thanks to a Tuition Funding Program supported by the Baycrest Foundation.  Anna is learning how to speak Italian so she can better connect with patients during their hospital stay.

“It was important for me to be able to communicate with our diverse clients in the language they understand,” said Anna. “I often hear people say they feel very isolated when they cannot communicate even their basic needs. Now I see a client’s relief when I speak their language. This investment in my learning has paid off for our clients and I am grateful for this opportunity, as it brought personal and professional growth.”

Sebastiano (left) has completed his rehabilitation and is heading home. He and his family thanked Anna for not only her exemplary care, but her ability to form a bond with Sebastiano through language. He says that his treatment at Baycrest was enhanced by being able to express himself in Italian. We wish him all the best.

Ciao Sebastiano!