Straight talk on your aging brain – 1,000 watch it live!

Tips for healthy cognitive aging

More than 1,000 people watched an evening talk Oct. 23 with three Baycrest memory experts and AM 740 radio host Dale Goldhawk at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto.

Straight talk panelThe Wintergarden was filled to capacity with over 350 in attendance, plus another 660 people watched the live webcast from countries all over the world, including Germany, Estonia, Austria, Ireland and the U.S. Rotman scientists Drs. Carol Greenwood (nutrition) and Tiffany Chow (clinician-scientist in the Sam and Ida Ross Memory Clinic), and post-doc Marc Berman (the restorative powers of nature/park walks on cognitive functions), shared their insights on healthy lifestyle strategies for keeping the brain sharp into old age.

In the photo: Dr. Greenwood shares a lighter moment with Goldhawk, as Berman and Dr. Chow look on. The talk was a highlight of Baycrest’s week-long Research Festival (Oct. 22-26).

See the webcast here