Volunteer opportunities

Baycrest volunteers participate in so many ways, sharing their unique skills and talents. Below are a few examples of what our volunteers are currently doing.

We hope you’ll join our volunteer team.

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Apotex Family Mentor

The Apotex Family Mentor is someone who has gone through the experience of moving a loved one into Baycrest's Apotex, Jewish Home for the Aged.

Being a mentor is your opportunity to share your knowledge with other families as they move their loved ones into the Apotex and begin the process of settling in or at anytime there is a need.

Qualities of a Family Mentor

  • Willingness to share your experience and knowledge with others
  • Caring nature
  • Approachable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Committed

Benefits of being a mentor

  • Being a member of the Apotex admittance team.
  • The pleasure of sharing real life experiences to help others through a difficult time.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you have helped a new Apotex family member.
  • The enjoyment of a new challenge.
Community Day Centres

The Community Day Centre is looking for volunteers to: escort residents to their tables, socialize at lunchtime and assist with the Arts & Crafts Program.

Eating assistance

You can make a real difference in the day-to-day lives of our clients, by choosing one of our eating assistance roles. You can be a friendly visitor at mealtime, assist a client with eating, or act as a dining room greeter. You’ll receive specialized training in the latest eating assistance techniques.

Escort to salon

Volunteer photos 033_editedVolunteers assist our clients in getting to the beauty salon and keeping them company while they have their hair done.

Friendly visiting

Spend time with clients who live in our long-term care home or who are staying in our hospital. Your friendly face and interaction will make a difference during what can be a lonely time for seniors. May include chatting, playing games, reminiscing, participating in activities, and/or strolling through our campus.


DSC00310Do you play an instrument or have a love of singing? Our clients can benefit immensely from special music programs.

Pet visitors

Pet visitors make such a difference in the lives of our clients. Dogs that volunteer with their owners at Baycrest are screened by St. John's Ambulance or Therapeutic Paws of Canada. For more information, please contact the Volunteer Services Department.

Seniors Support Program


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAVolunteers in the Seniors Support Program provide support to seniors and family caregivers living in the community by consistently staying in touch with them.

Through a scheduled weekly telephone call or email, each volunteer will patiently listen to their client, offer encouragement or provide helpful information as required. If individuals need more support, a social worker is available.

Wellness Path Program

The Wellness Path Program is for community-dwelling seniors, over the age of 55 who are referred for these services. Volunteers will greet clients upon their arrival, socialize with clients, engage them in discussion and facilitate other activities while they are waiting to be seen by staff.