About Us

The Research Training Centre (RTC) is overseen by a steering committee comprised of Baycrest trainees (two graduate students, two post-doctoral fellows), an Academic Director (scientist), and a research administrator. Operated by trainees for trainees, the RTC is focused on providing tailored programming as well as teaching and administrative experience to trainees.

The RTC Steering Committee for 2014-2015 include:

20120606_9999_379    Dan David Prize photo_Michael Armson   

Dr. Rosanne Aleong

Administrative Lead

Michael Armson

PhD Candidate

Buddhika Bellana

PhD Candidate

 Maria   2014-05-05 10.39.16 

Dr. Maria D’Angelo

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. Melissa Pangelinan

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. Jennifer Ryan

Academic Director


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