What we do

itdlab-entranceThe ITD Lab is a place where people can take their ideas from theory to practice, from hypothesis to market-ready product, and where business and industry can come to have products and technology tested by the end-user – everything from a home monitoring system to a nursing home model of the future. The outcomes will positively impact the experience of aging in people’s homes, in the community, and throughout the health-care system – locally and globally.

In a process known as ‘design thinking’, the Innovation, Technology and Design (ITD) Laboratory brings together scientists, engineers, architects, designers, clinicians and health-care consumers to develop and evaluate innovative products, technologies and processes aimed at improving care delivery and enhancing the health and well-being of an aging population. Each group brings its own perspective and insights to the table to generate ideas, problem-solve, and explore new approaches to how things are done.

The ITD Lab at Baycrest is one of a small number of laboratories in the world that focus exclusively on aging innovations, and is unique for its location on a campus that houses a continuum of care for older adults. Baycrest has been at the forefront of seniors’ health care and brain research for close to a century and is recognized as the global leader in the aging brain and innovative age-related solutions.

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Our services include:

Contextual Research
Allows us to effectively explore and fully understand the users’ lived experience.

Focus Groups
Allow us to learn about users’ experiences, perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes.

Design Workshops
Shape our products and solutions from conception to completion. Participants and professionals work together, ensuring cohesion between the intended and actual benefits of the product.

Pilot testing
Brings products and innovations to the real-world, soliciting user feedback and expectations.

Market research
Provides insight into the true needs of today’s and tomorrow’s seniors, assisting our partners in exploring and developing the value and commercial viability of their ideas.

Business development
Provides a continuum of services and insights from idea to product launch, including development of intellectual property, product profiling and implementation strategy.

Our Guiding Principles

We maintain open communication with our partners and stakeholders, keeping them continuously apprised of our activities, goals and plans.

Dissemination of Knowledge
Our mission is to learn and discover with our partners and translate knowledge from theory to practice.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We keep our partners’ and participants’ information private. We minimize risk to confidentiality by ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard personal information.

Client Oriented
By focusing our attention on our clients’ and participants’ needs, we ensure their overall well-being and positive experience throughout engagement with our lab.

Our stakeholders


We partner with a broad range of individuals, groups, organizations, businesses and industries to analyze the value of emerging innovations and provide an effective test bed for deploying and demonstrating new technologies.

The ITD Lab is working with a team of clinicians, managers, seniors, caregivers and experts to explore a nursing home model of the future. We hope to design an integrated health and wellness model that makes the best use of technology, improves care delivery and supports an environment that allows meaningful engagement within community.