The Virtual Brain


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Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman

Baycrest scientists, along with collaborators from 10 sites and three continents, are leading the development of the world’s first Virtual Brain: an integrated computer model of a fully functioning human brain. The Virtual Brain simulates how the brain is functioning under various normal conditions, how it changes with the aging process and how it responds to damage from trauma or disease.

In the future, the Virtual Brain model can be used to test experimental brain therapies on a computer before being tested on humans. Want to know more? Read the frequently asked questions.

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Marcela Vianca Garcia Romero
me interesan las neurociencias y cualquier pagina o informacion sobre el cerebro o el sistema nervioso es extremadamente importantes para mi

@Mark - There is so much for us to do still (e.g., how do you "see" something?), that ESP and telepathy haven't made it to the list yet.

Mark Porritt
It may shed light on the hard problem of consciousness. Could it also be used to further our understanding of things like ESP, telepathy?

I want to know more about how the brain works and changes as we age. What is it doing when I'm painting when I'm 25 and when I'm 65?