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RRI scientists are commercializing their know-how to enhance seniors’ daily living on a global scale. The Centre for Brain Fitness works with clinicians and scientists to develop and market our intellectual property for improving care, delivery and treatment. Baycrest Certified Training, unique programs and technologies that Centre for Brain Fitness has developed to enable therapists, healthcare professionals, and personal trainers to make a difference in their clients’ lives include:

  • Goal Management Training –  Executive functions are responsible for the control, direction, and regulation of cognitive and mental processes. Goal Management Training (GMT) provides clinicians with a validated, structured program for rehabilitation of executive functions.
  • Memory and Aging Program –  The Memory and Aging Program is aimed at people of retirement age or older who are interested in learning about memory changes that normally occur with age and strategies to improve their everyday memory performance. This workshop provides clinicians with the necessary background information and experience to deliver an evidence-based memory intervention to groups of older adults experiencing normal age-related memory changes.

Cogniciti, our for-profit company in partnership with MaRS, will launch a new online cognitive self-assessment tool later this year. The tool enables aging adults to assess their thinking skills from the comfort of their home computer. The aim of the tool is to indicate whether an individual is experiencing normal age-related cognitive problems, or those possibly indicative of a more severe impairment – such as mild cognitive impairment – that requires a visit to their doctor.