Population neuroscience

Toronto Trans-generational Brain and Body Centre

Studying genetic, lifestyle, environmental and other influences across multiple generations of the same families provbrain body centreides new insights to understanding the predictors of successful aging.

The Toronto Trans-Generational Brain and Body Centre (TTBBC), led by Rotman Research Institute scientist, Dr. Tomáš Paus, is home to a new and innovative approach to understanding human brain growth and development through the emerging field of “population neuroscience”.

The TTBBC is located at Baycrest and is the result of a partnership between Baycrest and the Hospital for Sick Children, under the co-direction of Drs. Tomáš Paus and Zdenka Pausova.  Scientists at the TTBBC aim to investigate how our environment combines with our genetic traits to influence whether or not we develop disorders such as depression, addiction, obesity, or diabetes.