Expert offers insight into women’s cognitive health

Women looking for expert information on staying ahead of cognitive decline should plan to attend the Women of Baycrest’s “Beat Brain Sag: Ladies, Give Your Grey Matter a Lift!” lecture on February 10.

The lecture features clinician-scientist Dr. Tiffany Chow of Baycrest’s Sam and Ida Ross Memory Clinic, who will offer her insight into the unique challenges of women’s cognitive health. Family physician Dr. Jean Marmoreo, who is affiliated with Women’s College Hospital, and is a mid-life medicine specialist, will also speak. Journalist Libby Znaimer from Classical 96.3 radio will host the evening.

Guests can look forward to an enlightening and intimate conversation on the issues, such as statistics that show the prevalence of Alzheimer’s is higher in women than men. What are the reasons? What can women do about it? Drs. Chow and Marmoreo will weigh in with their professional expertise.

WB members can take advantage of an exclusive offer to join Dr. Chow for a light supper and refreshments at 5:30, before the lecture. Libby Znaimer will also attend.

The event will be held at The Guvernment, 132 Queens Quay East in Toronto. General admission is $25, with a dessert reception following the event. Registered guests can take advantage of a complimentary shuttle service from Baycrest or Union Station to The Guvernment. For more information or registration, contact 416-785-2500 ext. 2045.

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