Youthquake at Baycrest

Even though 25-year old Matt Nisker has just wrapped up his work on a Baycrest event, he’s already thinking about next year.

Matt Nisker, Stef Rakowski, Samantha KimelMatt co-chaired the recent Young At Art fundraiser, aimed at the under-35 crowd, with Stef Rakowski and Samantha Kimel at the trendy Revival nightclub. Proceeds supported Baycrest’s Donald and Elaine Rafelman Creative Arts Studio.

“The response to Young At Art was just tremendous,” he says. “There’s room to expand further into a young professional demographic.”

Jodi Fenwick agrees. Together with her sister Fara and sister-in-law Daphne, she’s co-chair of Young Women of Baycrest. Like its sister organization, Women of Baycrest, this group is fundraising to support research into women’s brain health and aging, but is aimed at the under-35 crowd. “Many of our peers are ready to become philanthropists,” Jodi explains. “It’s a great way to network, develop new skills, and support Baycrest.”

She says being involved in Young Women of Baycrest is an opportunity to learn from community leaders. “Not only do you get to meet very accomplished individuals, you can talk with them one-on-one.”

She encourages people to get involved with Baycrest and make a difference. “I really enjoy giving of my time,” Jodi explains. “As a creative person, I have lots of ideas that can be used for planning events, large or small. It’s such a rewarding experience.”

According to Matt, it’s up to his generation to build more awareness about the exciting research and education at Baycrest. “Baycrest is near to my heart because my grandparents are involved in programs there,” he explains. “But I know Baycrest also does world-renowned brain research and education, and I believe it’s up to us to spread the word.”

To support Baycrest and exciting initiatives, DONATE ONLINE or call the donations line at 416-785-2875 or 1-800-223-2087.