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Atara Anhang Atara Anhang has been a volunteer at the Apotex, Jewish Home for the Aged for over a year.
Baycrest volunteer Atara Anhang was inspired by the enthusiasm and warmth of Apotex residents when she volunteered with them. She shares her story of how spending time with them made a real impact in her life.

Whenever people would ask me what my volunteer role at Baycrest was, I would get a variety of reactions. “Is that a real position?” “Why would you want to do that?” “You’re joking!”

For one full year, I volunteered weekly polishing the nails for the ladies on Apotex 3. And as I would polish we would shmooze. They would talk about their past and give me life tips on whatever I was up to. They loved and looked forward to getting pampered. It was the typical nail salon scene; the manicurist listening to the client’s tales. All worries of health and difficult prognoses were thrown out the window. We were just enjoying each other’s company, talking about the past and present, learning from each other and gaining memories.

I knew the ladies were relying on me for their weekly manicure and I really enjoyed being with the women. I often felt so honoured and privileged to be part of their lives. For personal reasons, my volunteering ended. I look forward to starting it up again when I can. It was truly a special experience in so many ways. I often wonder about “my ladies” as their stories and lessons pop-up in my life. They really left an impact on me far longer-lasting than any nail polish!

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