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Brain health powered by science
Cogniciti, a Baycrest subsidiary founded in 2010, is bringing science-based brain health solutions to people, businesses and governments around the world.  

“Our objective is to change the way the world looks at brain health and aging by developing and marketing evidence-based health products and services that can enhance the cognitive abilities of aging adults and improve the quality of life of individuals living with dementia and their caregivers,” explains Brian Mackie, Chief Operations Officer, Cogniciti.

Free Online Brain Health Assessment
Cogniciti’s Online Brain Health Assessment is its premier product – the culmination of years of research by Baycrest clinicians and scientists – which is offered free-of-charge so that anyone age 40 and over can determine: “Is my memory normal or should I see my doctor?”

The 20-minute test is completely private and consists of questions and simple tasks to assess brain function and memory. Participants receive a report that compares their results with other test takers and most importantly, advises them if they should seek further assessment from their doctor.

“Information from the test can give peace of mind and effective coping tools to people worried about normal, age-related memory changes,” says Mackie. “For those with significant memory concerns, the test can lead to earlier diagnoses and treatment of dementia.”

The Cogniciti online assessment tool has now been used by over 65,000 adults in 50 countries.

Free Brain Health Workshops
For older adults who are unable to access the online assessment, Cogniciti offers free brain health workshops in communities across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Cogniciti team members support participants during the online assessment, provide take-home resources and privately discuss their results.

To date, Cogniciti has visited 500+ seniors’ and community centres to provide workshops and start the conversation on brain health and memory changes.

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