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Baycrest Global Solutions
Sharing expertise in aging around the world
By creating a dedicated entity to share 100+ years of expertise in geriatrics, Baycrest took a critical leap forward to transform the future of aging and brain health worldwide. Baycrest Global Solutions (BGS) was launched in 2011 to develop international business partnerships with senior care and health care providers, academic institutions, governments, corporations and others to advance leading practices that address the challenges associated with caring for a rapidly growing, aging population.
“At the same time as we are providing education, training and consulting services to further our mission, these partnerships are generating vital funds that we can reinvest in the important work happening on the Baycrest campus, and in turn, share our new discoveries and innovations,” explains Raymond King, Vice-President of International Business Development, BGS.

“All solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs and cultures of our clients,” adds King, who is focused on developing strategic partnerships with care organizations in Asian countries, which are on the verge of a ‘grey tsunami’ due to their aging populations. “We hope to help them address the emerging demand for high-quality senior care in hospitals, long-term care, seniors’ residences and the community.”

Currently, BGS is working with partners in China and Thailand. Ongoing projects include:
  • A 5-year contract with The Aspen Tree, a Thailand-based international provider of services and residences for older adults, to support the development of senior living programs for geriatric health and dementia care, and active living and high-care communities in Bangkok and across Thailand.
  • Annual training of medical and nursing students from China’s Peking Union Medical College. Each year, students come to Baycrest for observership training to learn core principles about: geriatric medicine; late-life psychiatry; neurology; dementia care; family medicine; team-based, interdisciplinary care; holistic views of geriatric health and wellness; and working with families. 
  • Discussions with the Government of Shandong Province, China, about helping to improve senior care in the province with Baycrest taking a leadership role in the provision of memory care, skilled nursing, and education and training for the professional workforce.
  • Discussions with the Shanghai Health Authority, China, exploring collaborations around geriatric care, training, education and research to enhance the city’s health system.
In 2017, BGS provided assessment and advisory services to a developer in the City of Sanya, China and produced an operations manual to create community services for retired seniors. “Our team worked with local partners to understand the market size, needs and community preferences,” says King. “We then worked closely with an architectural firm on updating an existing facility to provide recreation, wellness services, primary healthcare, outpatient rehabilitation and comprehensive geriatric assessments.”

BGS, a Baycrest-owned subsidiary, is comprised of an experienced team of business and clinical professionals who are supported by Baycrest staff and physicians when specialized advice is required.

“As a leader in aging and brain health, Baycrest is well-equipped and committed to collaborating with global leaders to prepare for the dramatic demographic shift currently underway around the globe,” says Dr. William Reichman, President and CEO, Baycrest.

“It is part of Baycrest’s heritage and integral to our vision to create a world where every older adult enjoys a life of purpose, inspiration and fulfillment.”

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