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Youth Volunteer Program

Baycrest’s Youth Volunteer Program is reserved for students aged 13 to 25. Apply to be a part of our Youth Volunteer Program here or browse below for youth volunteer opportunities.

Library Assistant

The Anne and Louis Pritzker Wellness Library is a free lending library at Baycrest. Library Assistants will help carry out library programs for residents (for example, helping a resident set up an email address) and help with marketing the library by writing a weekly blog.

Program Escort

  • Escort clients to and from the program (this includes clients who are ambulatory & those who use walkers or wheelchairs)
  • Socialize with clients prior to the program, provide companionship and assist during the program
  • Volunteers may assist with the program set-up, help clients find seating, and help to keep aisles clear

Friendly Visitor

Help residents enjoy everyday life by escorting them from their rooms to the different garden areas at Baycrest. Engage with residents by playing games, telling stories and meeting with other residents.