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March 17, 2022 TORONTO, March 17, 2022 — A patient’s health record, on its own, does not heal anyone. However, when that record is informed by patients’ experiences, expert insight, and reflection on values and preferences, it can be transformed into health knowledge, so that people can better understand the steps they need to take to improve their health.

As a result of interdisciplinary co-design between Baycrest’s clinical teams, client and family partners, and the MyChartTM program development team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, health records and self-reporting, accessible on the MyChart™ platform, can now be used to impact and improve patient health.

MyChartTM is a web-based software and mobile app that allows patients to access their health records from hospitals, outpatient clinics and an increasing number of healthcare providers across Canada. “We did a lot of training with our clinical team, not just on how to encourage and teach patients to sign up for MyChartTM, but also how to use people’s immediate access to our documentation of care to enhance our therapeutic relationships,” Rita Mileykovsky, Virtual Care Nurse Coordinator at Baycrest, explains.

Knowing that one clinical team does not typically have all of a patient’s information or constitute a person’s entire health experience, a Circle of Care feature was also developed for MyChart™, among other features. Patients (with or without assistance) can add MyChartTM users to their own unique care team. Using the Circle of Care feature, a patient can invite a trusted family member, specialist, family doctor, or their Interprofessional Care Team’s dietitian, for example, to be part of a group on MyChartTM, giving each person access to the patient’s records and a secure way to communicate with the patient and one another. “We can now work alongside patients to look at new information and think together about how it fits with their health goals and their family doctor’s care plan,” Mileykovsky elaborates.

“The Baycrest partnership has been fantastic and has allowed us to work closely with their clinical team to inform the development of new features. MyChartTM is growing into a groundbreaking patient engagement tool and has created a dynamic way for a care team and patient to be brought closer together, putting the full benefit of access and health information into the hands of the patient,” Sarina Cheng,  Director of the MyChartTM program says. “We are now working with multiple Ontario Health Teams to increase the number of people with access to their digital health records and add features to support remote, self-monitoring and communication. Baycrest has demonstrated how to access information to improve a patient’s health, their experience and health outcomes.”

Visit MyChart™ to learn more. To view a webinar recording about this initiative, go to

Media contacts:
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Marketing Manager, Baycrest
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Marie Sanderson –
Communications Advisor, Sunnybrook
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